We believe a special kind of magic happens when an artist feels compelled to deviate from an established pattern. Limited edition, often one-of-a-kind, sometimes startling, and in our point of view, always beautiful, these artistic anomalies enable us to acquire luxurious rugs, handmade in India, at prices well below the norm. In Artisan Row we celebrate personal artistic expression, the rebels and the unconventional, in stock and available now.




Time is the ultimate luxury. Now you can enjoy more of it thanks to Artisan Row’s in-stock position. Designed to covet, these works of art ship directly to your door in as little as four to six weeks.


Sizable choices are yours for the having. Hunting for a large or unique size? Look to Artisan Row to fit your space to a “T.”


Savings are significant. Handmade rugs require tying thousands upon thousands of individual knots. Usually created to a designer’s specifications—a labor-intensive process that may take as long as ten months to complete—these artistic interpretations of traditional patterns are priced as much as 30 to 60 percent less than their made-to-order counterparts.


Beauty is rare and in high demand. Artisan Row rugs are limited editions and quite often, singular sensations. If you are in love, be sure to act quickly or prepare for heartbreak. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)


The making our handmade rugs operates on a decentralized model, supported by comprehensive quality checks along the way. With this approach, we are able to work with and support specialist artisans in many different locations, but ensure the highest quality in the end results.


Through a grassroots network that requires specialised logistical support, raw material is dropped off at an artisan’s home where they work on the product. When completed, the rug is picked up at the weavers doorstep and sent on to the next stage of the rug making progress. These visits also ensure that weavers are paid every month at their looms. These networks stretch across 600 villages in India through an intense grassroots network to connect 40,000 artisans. Jaipur’s artisans thus have the ability to work from home more comfortably than most entrepreneurs and corporate employees across the world!