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CKV07 - Chaos Theory By Kavi

Inspired by chaos in nature,“Chaos Theory”, designed and conceptualized by Kavi traces the beauty in nature’s seemingly cluttered patterns.

Catalog Code: CKV07
Design: Gaya
Color: Oyster Gray/Mustard Gold
Construction: Hand-Knotted
Content: 53% Handcarded Wool 47% Viscose
Backing: No
Product Height: 1/2"
Style: Luxury
Origin: India
Pantone TPG:
    • 14-1107
    • 16-1133
    • 15-1116

  • Slight color variations are possible from website image to product

1) Your Viscose and/or Viscose Blend Rug will look great for years to come with proper care and vacuuming regularly. 2) If spills occur blot immediately. (3) Do not use oxygen cleaners on your Viscose and/or Viscose Blend Rug. (4) Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading. (5) When vacuuming we recommend setting the beater bar to the off position to keep the pile height and/or loops intact long term.(6) For best results periodic professional cleaning is recommended.

Freight charges are calculated by number of items,weight and square footage per shipment. Please call Customer Service for quotes.

Weight (lbs) Package Length
Package Width
Package Height
2'X3' 5.32 24 4 4


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