Disaster Relief Program

Disaster Relief Program

At Jaipur Living, customers matter. If your business has been affected by a natural disaster and you are seeking to rebuild and reopen, Jaipur Living wants to help.

For companies located in a Major Disaster Area for Individual Assistance, Jaipur Living offers 20% off your first order* following a major disaster, as well as special payment terms to any who qualify.

How can Jaipur Living help me?*

  • In an effort to help you rebuild and recover after a Major Disaster in your area, Jaipur Living is offering 20% off your first order if placed within 6 months post-disaster.

Do I qualify for assistance?

  • You qualify for Jaipur Living’s Disaster Relief Program if:
  • • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has declared the county in which your business is physically located as a Major Disaster Area for Individual Assistance, and
  • • You are seeking to rebuild your business within 6 months of the event, and
  • • The business affected was a retail storefront

How do I verify that FEMA has designated my county a Major Disaster Area for Individual Assistance?

  • • Visit https://www.fema.gov/disasters.
  • • Fill in your state.
  • • Choose “Any” for the Incident Type.
  • • Choose “Major Disaster Declaration” for the Declaration Type.
  • • Select the date of the disaster for the Incident Begin Date.
  • • Select the event that affected your business from the list.
  • • Refer to “Designated Counties (Individual Assistance)” to determine if your county has been declared.

When can I apply?

  • You can apply to our recovery and relief program within 6 months after a major disaster has affected your area and been declared by FEMA. Extensions will be considered on an individual basis.

If my company has multiple locations, can each location earn the discount?

  • Jaipur Living can only offer the discount to the location(s) falling within a designated Major Disaster Area for Individual Assistance. If you have additional business locations that do not fall within this area, we are not able to provide you with the discount.

How do I apply?

  • To determine if you qualify and begin rebuilding your business, please contact your sales representative and/or our Customer Care team at 404.351.2360.