Manchaha - LES-715 9'X12'

Artisan Made
Lustrous Finish

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Jhamman Singh

Jhamman Singh is an inmate at the Jaipur Central Jail. He learned how to weave as a part of the prisoner's rehabilitation program that began at the jail 2 years ago. After quickly catching onto the basics, he started working on his very own Manchaha with the guidance of another experienced weaver. While he previously was only a support to the other weavers that created Manchahas, he embarked on the journey of weaving his own.

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Hand Knotted
50% Wool 50% Rayon Made From Bamboo
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Smriti means 'reminiscence.' He has used monochromatic tint of orange to form the major section of the rug. He has carefully mixed earthy tones of brown in between while introducing the subtle, cool hue of blue. The rug looks like a carnival of motifs and colors mixed joyfully with each other. In this Manchaha, he included almost everything that is close to his heart which reminds him of his village. The memory of his home keeps coming back and, therefore, he has included his initials woven into the design. Jhamman incorporated other motifs like stars, lotuses, umbrella, jars, bottles, and kites on the rug, all elements that remind him of the "good old days." Toward the top, he has woven a maze-like structure that resonates with his search for redemption. He hopes that one day he will be ready to return home and visit those close to him.
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Hand Knotted
50% Wool 50% Rayon Made From Bamboo
Traditional, Updated Traditional
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Please Note: All sizes are nominal, accepted variance is +/- 3"
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Blot stains immediately and clean with a mild soap and cold water. Blot dry with clean, absorbent towel. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture. Shedding is normal: vacuum regularly with beater bar off, and shedding will reduce over time.
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