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VER24 - Veranda

These fashion forward pillows, in trellis, stripes and whimsical patterns are for both indoor and outdoor use.

Catalog Code: VER24
Design: Od Summer Breeze
Color: Parasailing/Foliage
Construction: Pillows (Outdoor)
Content: 100% Polyester
Backing: No
Closure Stitched
Style: Pillow
Origin: USA
Pantone TPG:
    • 18-5020
    • 16-0237
    • 11-4201
    • 15-4722
    • 17-1547

  • Slight color variations are possible from website image to product

(1) remove the throw pillow's cover
if it is removable. wash the cover separately from the pillow. (2) pre-treat badly soiled or stained areas on the pillow cover with a color-safe prewash spray. rub the spray into the stain with a damp sponge. (3) wash

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18"X18" 2.2 18 18 6


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