Manchaha - LES-752 8'X10'

New, Manchaha
Artisan Made
Lustrous Finish
Bhagchand and Parvati

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Bhagchand and Parvati

Bhagchand and Parvati are husband and wife. They have been weaving beautiful rugs together for more than a decade, and it is their favorite activity to pursue together. Parvati learned how to weave rugs soon after she got married. After seeing his wife's zeal and enthusiasm, Bhagchand also decided to join her. Over the years, this couple has weaved some of the most beautiful rugs together in their native village, Kadeda.

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Hand Knotted
50% Wool 50% Rayon Made From Bamboo
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This Manchaha makes you believe that beauty has a new definition; imperfection. Bhagchand and Parvati sat to weave this rug with the intention of making it perfect. They weaved in their imagination, but the real magic came through by the branch manager's suggestion, "Break the monotony." Apoornata means 'incomplete,' and this rug is like a three-in-one collection. The composition of colors on both the ends is all about flow; the incomplete lines accelerate into a haze and blur the final design you see. The irregular shapes and the never-ending waves add a sense humanity in an industry familiar with machines. This rug that appears to lack an end explores imperfection and embraces a human connection.
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Hand Knotted
50% Wool 50% Rayon Made From Bamboo
Traditional, Updated Traditional
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Please Note: All sizes are nominal, accepted variance is +/- 3"
Care Instructions
Blot stains immediately and clean with a mild soap and cold water. Blot dry with clean, absorbent towel. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture. Shedding is normal: vacuum regularly with beater bar off, and shedding will reduce over time.
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