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LE-61-Dark Green-Chartreuse - Artisan Originals


Sajana Devi got inspiration from the beautiful valley of Kashmir which she saw in movies and newspapers. She started with the beautiful landscape of Kashmir. Then further she made interesting patches in different colours and design to add character to the rug and divide the design. Then she made few pine trees and date trees. She finished her rug with beautiful “Vaishno Mata ki Doli”. She used the symbolic representation of the temple as she didn’t want to weave the actual temple or goddess idol. The rug overall gives a feeling of joy and happiness which she found looking at her children’s faces.

Sajana, a weaver for more than 15 years now and mother of 3, started weaving after the birth of her first child when the family had a financial crisis. Even as the family found their way out of the crisis Sajana discovered a love for weaving and didn’t give it up. Five years back Sajana was diagnosed with cancer and uses weaving as an escape from the physical and mental trauma of the illness. She loses herself in the work she loves so much, finding bliss with it – one knot at a time.

Catalog Code: LE-61-Dark Green-Chartreuse
Design: LE-61
Color: Dark Green/Chartreuse
Construction: Hand-Knotted
Content: 100% Wool
Backing: No
Product Height:
Origin: India
Pantone TPG:
(1) Professional cleaning recommended
(2) Vacuum clean regularly
(3) In case of spilling blot immediately with sponge or damp cloth
(4) Rotate Occasionally
(5) Use professional cleaning agents only
(6) When vacuuming we recommend setting the beater bar to the off position to keep the pile height and/or loops intact long term.

Freight charges are calculated by number of items,weight and square footage per shipment. Please call Customer Service for quotes.

Weight (lbs) Package Length
Package Width
Package Height
4'X6' 20.56 60 6 6


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