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LE-45-Rust-Pumpkin - Artisan Originals


Manju and Sumitra are more sisters than sister-in-laws and nothing makes that more apparent than the love they have for the time they work together. Referring to a vivid picture of natural scenery they saw in a magazine, the duo created the rug, Chunnu-Munnu, in a mere month. While Manju came up with the colors to use, both of artisans worked together to design the rug. The rug starts with a wavy pattern symbolizing a body water that’s flowing down to nourish the next element, their garden. In the garden, the women have knotted in their names and added in two circles encompassing lotus flowers, providing a unique double signature. The garden is followed by a display of multiple elements such as trees, flowers, mountains, and various geometric shapes. The somewhat hidden treasure of this rug and its namesake, are the three goats in the center. The larger goats to the right and left were created to represent Sangeeta & Suresh, Manju’s 2 adult goats. The tiny goat at the center is Chunnu-Munnu, their kid. The rug portrays family bonds and the two women really enjoyed collaborating on something that is inspired by their daily lives.

Manju Devi is 35 years old and has been weaving for 17 years. Her husband is a laborer, however, with a severe case of diabetes, he’s unable to work consistently. This has led to her being in charge of the household and managing her two teenage boys. Weaving has helped her entire family survive through rough times.
Sumitra Devi is 45 years old with 15 years of weaving experience. She has three older boys, 22, 20, and 18 years of age.

Catalog Code: LE-45-Rust-Pumpkin
Design: LE-45
Color: Rust/Pumpkin
Construction: Hand-Knotted
Content: 100% Wool
Backing: No
Product Height:
Origin: India
Pantone TPG:
(1) Professional cleaning recommended
(2) Vacuum clean regularly
(3) In case of spilling blot immediately with sponge or damp cloth
(4) Rotate Occasionally
(5) Use professional cleaning agents only
(6) When vacuuming we recommend setting the beater bar to the off position to keep the pile height and/or loops intact long term.

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4'X8' 21.56 49 5 5


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