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QNQ-641-Slate Blue-Slate Blue - Sterling Ultra

Few artisans possess the expertise and skill necessary to create pieces for the Aurora collection. Every fiber of wool is scrutinized, sorted, carded, and spun to ensure the absolute finest and softest thread. Lush silk is added to create an undeniably beautiful and painstakingly precise work of hand-crafted art. The softness, brilliance and exquisite refinement in every aspect of the Aurora collection cannot be overstated: with sixty percent silk content and nearly two hundred knots per square inch, each rug shimmers like a finely cut diamond. Months of meticulous work touched by the hands of hundreds of skilled artisans, culminate in the finest floor coverings that Jaipur offers.

Catalog Code: QNQ-641-Slate Blue-Slate Blue
Design: QNQ-641
Color: Slate Blue
Construction: Hand-Knotted
Content: 60% Silk 40% New Zealand Wool
Backing: No
Product Height:
Style: Traditional
Origin: India
Pantone TPG:
(1) Your wool + silk and/or bamboo silk rug will look great for year to come with proper care and vacuuming regularly
(2) Never saturate or soak your wool + silk/bamboo silk rug with water – this will damage the silk fibers
and potentially your floors
(3) Use only cold water if necessary to avoid shrinkage
(4) If spills occur blot immediately then with mild soap and cold water
(5) Do not use oxygen cleaners on your wool or silk fibers
(6) For best results periodic professional cleaning is recommended and encouraged to protect silk fibers
(7) When vacuuming we recommend setting the beater bar to the off position to keep the pile height and/or loops intact long term.

Freight charges are calculated by number of items,weight and square footage per shipment. Please call Customer Service for quotes.

Weight (lbs) Package Length
Package Width
Package Height
2'6"X8' 25.5 30 8 8
2'6"X10' 16.22 30 8 8
10'X14' 100.4 120 8 8
4'6"X6'6" 8.78 54 6 6
2'6"X6' 5 30 4 4
8'3"X11'6" 37.29 98 7 7
6'X6' 1 14 12 2


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